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Brandon Tire & Auto Service

Tom Blanchard – Owner 

“NAPA TRACS has really helped with our repeat business. I can export and email recommended service schedules and reminders to my customers.”

Brandon Tire & Auto Service is a complete auto care center serving individual customers and commercial accounts in the greater Tampa, Florida area. With 11 service bays and seven full-time shop employees delivering a wide variety of services, the company needs to operate as efficiently and profitably as possible. That’s why Owner Tom Blanchard has guided the company from paper-based, manual processes, to a computerized system centered around NAPA TRACS.

A total solution for all business decisions

“Today, I use almost everything that is in NAPA TRACS,” says Blanchard. “Over the six or seven years I’ve been using it, I’ve grown into more and more features of the system.” The financial tools that NAPA TRACS puts in his hands are important to Blanchard. The system exports directly to QuickBooks and gives him the information he needs to make key operating decisions. “I can quickly and easily look at my return on investment, see what’s working and why.”

Blanchard also attributes improved customer retention and better year-round cash flow thanks to NAPA TRACS Marketing. “Customer retention is the name of the game, and TRACS helps me let customers know when they need to come in for scheduled service. When business begins to slow, it only takes a few minutes for me to create and email a promotion that brings customers in for service.”

NAPA TRACS is focused on providing world-class support

As an Alpha test site for NAPA TRACS, Blanchard communicates with TRACS Support several times a week, helping refine the product for maximum “real-world” usefulness. But even before Tom was asked to help, he benefited from the NAPA TRACS support team’s responsiveness. “Since day one,” according to Blanchard, “I have been able to call the 1-800 support number and within minutes I’d get a call back.”

Over the years, NAPA TRACS has enabled Brandon Tire & Auto Service to retain valued customers, improve year-round productivity and cash flow, and increase profitability.

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