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Customer Retention

An effective marketing strategy requires consistent, continual interaction with your customers.

In the automotive repair business, this begins with the superior, trustworthy services that you offer in your shop.

In order to thrive, these relationships must be cultivated through timely follow-up reminders, loyalty-based promotions and proactive communications.

How can your shop benefit from automated customer retention and marketing solutions?


Delivering Results

Adding TRACS Marketing to your shop management solution will ultimately lead to increased customer retention, higher average tickets and sustainable increased profits. Shops utilizing TRACS Marketing are currently seeing impressive 8 – 15%+ response rates on service reminders and promotions.

Key Features

Online appointment requests, customer follow-ups and view vehicle service history online are just a few of our beneficial features. You can also automatically send service reminders, promotions, newsletters, NAPA Preventative Maintenance reminders,  thank-you postcards and more. Gain valuable insight on your shop’s level of customer service by having the ability to send customer satisfaction index (CSI) surveys.

Integrate With Your Shop

TRACS Marketing solutions work seamlessly with the top sixty shop management software solutions. They are fully integrated, robust tools that work in conjunction with NAPA TRACS, Mitchell Manager, RO Writer, Snap-on and many other applications.

Get the right tool to make it easy for your to retain your customers. TRACS Marketing is both a business strategy and a set of tools and services that are solely focused on strengthening your connection to your customers. Click here to get started.

Tools and Features That Add to Customer Retention:

Customer Relationship Management Solutions: Business strategy combined with tools and services to strengthen your connection with customers.

SmartCALL: Can look up customer info, including old orders and repairs, greet them personally, know when they missed your call – all before you even pick up the phone

TRACS LINK/NET Manage your shop’s production and activity, help with quicker invoicing and many efficient ways to constantly keep in touch with customers

PROLink & Labor Estimator: Helps you quickly create estimates using NAPA Parts and Mitchell Labor


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