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Carry the power of NAPA TRACS VIN scanning in your pocket.

  • Scan the VIN right from the dashboard or door panel even in total darkness—or use the manual VIN entry option right from your iPhone or Android.
  • Send the decoded VIN instantly to TRACS, along with the customer or vehicle name, tag, mileage, symptom and notes.
  • Start your estimate for new or existing customer along with the VIN.
  • Search the NAPA PROLink catalog look up labor times or optional Mitchell 1 PRODemand technical repair data.
  • Order the parts you need for the job.

The NEW TRACS VIN Capture app saves you time, gives you accurate identification of the vehicle, and improves efficiency by reducing incorrect part orders. With the TRACS VIN Capture App, you’ll remotely pass the VIN from your mobile device in the parking lot directly to NAPA TRACS in your shop.

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Have questions or need help loading or using the TRACS VIN Capture App? Call the NAPA PROLink Support Team Monday through Saturday at 800-742-3578 or email us at: support@napatracs.com

“The VIN scanner is especially good for late model vehicles… saves a HUGE amount of time…. now we can do 5-6 cars at a time. No more walkarounds. We’re saving at least 2-3 minutes per car in getting the data entered.”


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