TRACS version is available for download.

  1. This update must be installed on every computer running TRACS BEFORE December 14, 2018
  2. Failure to run the update will cause the NAPA VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) decoding feature in TRACS to no longer function

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Check to see what version of NAPA TRACS you are running
  2. If your current version is, then no further action is necessary
  3. Check the version number on all other computers in your business running TRACS
  4. If your current version is NOT, click “Help” and then “Check for Online Updates” which will start the update
  5. The update will take under a minute to complete
  6. Once the update has completed, you will receive a message that the update successfully downloaded.
  7. You may elect to install the update now or after business hours
  8. If you choose No, and decide to install later, you will find the download in the C:\NAPA\Tracs\Update folder.

If you have questions about this update or need assistance, please reach out to TRACS Support, Monday – Saturday at 800-742-3578.