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Tire Registration Plus
Tire Registration Plus provides shops with an easy-to-use software tool to help them comply with federal tire registration regulations. Providing accurate tire data protects not only the dealer but your customer as well. Become NHTSA compliant today!
Maintain NHTSA compliance
Federal law requires that tire dealers record the Department of Transportation DOT code on every tire sale and transmit that information to the tire manufacturer. Tiremetrix transmits tire registration records to hundreds of tire manufacturers, so you don’t have to.
Validate DOT entries
Mistakes are often made when transposing a DOT code from the tire. Tire Registration Plus provides oversight when entering the DOT code and warns the user when inaccurate data is entered. Validation of the DOT code helps assure the accuracy of the data, which is critical to the recovery of tires that become subject to recall.
Tire Recalls
Every DOT code is checked against the NHTSA recall database. A warning is provided to prevent the sales of a tire that has been recalled. Tire age is also provided allowing dealers to manage inventory where tire age is a consideration.

What Their Customers Are Saying

Tiremetrix provided the perfect solution to manage our compliance requirements. We can even check every tire for recalls, ensuring an additional level of safety.
- Leo Zannetti

Belle Tire

Tiremetrix created an easy to use platform that delivers real benefits. Now, every tire is checked for accuracy, age and recall before the customer leaves the shop.
- Joseph Rice

Big G Tire Pros

When we entered the DOT number it alerted us that the tire was subject to recall. We were able to contact the customer immediately. Made us look great!
- Terry Presley

Sublette Cooperative

Digital Tire Registration
Our all-brand tire registration form eliminates the need to visit dozens of tire manufacturer websites. Register tires digitally and securely transmit them directly to the appropriate tire manufacturer. Save time and money with the most advanced tire registration solution.
Tire Registration Recordkeeping
Quickly and easily retrieve your registration records and get vital customer and tire information related to recalls. Keep track of the replacement status. Keep the customer in your shop and away from the competition. Join the thousands of tire dealers who count on Tire Registration Plus.
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