Are you missing labor profit dollars?

Labor Profit Management can help you measure & manage technicians’ productivity & efficiency and determine your effective labor rate.

Measure your Effective Labor Rate every day

Labor Profit Management is web-based software that operates its own time clock so results are completely recorded, tracked and accurate. LPM creates in-depth reports such as productivity, labor, and elapsed time allowing you to track time when a tech is not productive.

Labor Profit Management tracks effective labor rate. Effective labor rate is controlled by the service advisors creating a profitable estimate. Now you can accurately track and make sure your advisors are charging the correct amount of labor dollars on your repair orders.

Create more bottom-line profits

LPM is now seamlessly integrated with NAPA TRACS Legacy and NAPA TRACS Enterprise. All an auto care dealer has to do is close their repair orders and all the information is populated to the reports within LPM.

The cost of operating the shop is increasing, attracting and keeping new customers is getting harder and harder. You must track the number one cost of your business LABOR. It’s how we pay our expenses.