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SideKick360 gives shop owners and their associates the ability to actively participate in the success of their shop virtually in real time.
Performance Management
Sales, KPIs, and Opportunities are delivered by text throughout the day. Point and Click Service Advisor auditing tools. Focus Reporting and Technician Productivity. Ability to roll-up multiple locations and associates in one view with drill-down capabilities. Tire reporting is offered with a break down by brand and size with inventory included!
Advisor Tools
Maintenance Hunter quickly searches through the vehicle history to identify maintenance opportunities with a schedule set by the shop. Missed Opportunity report that provides analysis on services missed during previous visits. And lastly, Reach Outs group all sub-estimates in one view to make it easy for advisors to communicate with customers.
Business Intelligence
Point and Click access to web reporting for Tires, Service, Parts, and Labor. Standardized and rolled up for Benchmarking and Performance Management. Daily Text reports tracking key metrics available for single and multi-store view. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly comparisons are included on dashboards and texts.

What Their Customers Are Saying

"SideKick360 has been a game changer for us and we haven’t utilized but a fraction of the program. Thank you for taking on this project!"
- Kent Cristy

Reeves Tire & Auto

"SideKick360 rolls up my stores, saving me hours of manual reporting! With the Tire Analysis, less time is spent compiling my Tire sellout reporting every month."
- James Baxter

Neighborhood Tire Pros & Auto Service

"SideKick360 gives advisors tools they need to drive maintenance for our shop. The daily text tracks our performed and missed services making it easy to manage."
- Charlie Stevenson

Tucker Tire