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Mitchell1 ProDemand

We are pleased to announce the addition of Mitchell1 ProDemand™ – the next generation technical information software – to the NAPA TRACS lineup.

Now installer customers can work faster, easier and smarter with Mitchell1 ProDemand.


Mitchell1 ProDemand is a revolutionary new software product that changes the way automotive technicians diagnose and service vehicles with more accurate repair data, thus allowing users to complete jobs faster.

Mitchell1 ProDemand presents information from service repair manuals in a concise manner, providing all of the descriptions, procedures, specifications and diagrams that technicians need to complete the job. Returning all the relevant findings quickly saves technicians time as they don’t have to conduct multiple look-ups to find what they need for the job.

With the information that Mitchell1 has collected over the past nine decades, combined with the experience to go with it, Mitchell1 ProDemand™ presents repair, diagnostic and maintenance information in a consistent, easy-to-understand format.


Mitchell1 ProDemand™ helps technicians with:


1. Faster Repairs – Helps technicians find information faster than ever before.  Users find everything they need in a single look-up, thus saving time and getting cars out of the bays faster.

Mitchell1 ProDemand™ returns the information that is needed for the specific repair so technicians don’t have to search through multiple pages of results for the appropriate information. As soon as the technician begins typing, Mitchell1 ProDemand™ generates a list of components to choose from. The repair module includes procedures, specifications, locations and diagrams relevant to the component or phrase that the technician is searching for.

2. Smarter Diagnostics – Technicians may navigate easily from repair procedures to TSBs to specifications to wiring diagrams. Mitchell 1 Prodemand™ brings all the information to the technician so they focus their attention on the vehicle and not searching for repair data.

Mitchell1 ProDemand™ generates a filtered list of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) before the technician finishes typing. Select the code and Mitchell1 ProDemand™ navigates directly to the relevant test procedures, components, wiring diagrams and specifications.

3. More Intuitive Maintenance – Mitchell1 ProDemand™ creates a list of required maintenance items based on mileage, indicator, timed and additional services. Technicians may also access the maintenance information as part of a lifetime services view in order to see the full task list. In Mitchell1 ProDemand™, fluid specifications and capacities are a click away, saving even more time.

In addition, an intuitive automotive thesaurus prevents technicians from having to learn if the vehicle manufacturer called a component an “oxygen sensor,” “O2 sensor” or anything else the manufacturer may come up with today. Mitchell1 ProDemand™ intelligently cross references thousands of component names and allows techs to save time and work smarter.