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Shop Scheduling

An empty work bay isn’t making money. Take control of your shop’s workflow with TRACS scheduling. Don’t guess at what job is next, know for sure.

Time is on your side


Your shop is a complex system of moving parts. Service writers, techs, managers, and more all working together towards a goal. Just like an engine, proper timing is key for maximum performance. That’s why TRACS has integrated scheduling to keep you moving efficiently.

Starting with service appointments TRACS lets you see what your upcoming schedule looks like in real time. From there you can help your customer find the right time that best fits their schedule.

scheduling screenshot
second scheduling screenshot

Charting the course


You know your team better than anyone else. TRACS let you assign job tickets according to a technicians abilities and availability. Keeping work flow balanced across the shop not only increases productivity, but also employee satisfaction.

Knowing how your team’s time is spent helps to create better schedules in the future. Employee productivity reports give you insights into how each member of your team is spending their time down to the hour.