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“We became a NAPA AutoCare center in 1995, a year after we opened our doors. Our outside Salesman at the time mentioned the TRACS system to us and…it made sense to convert from hand written invoices to PC based shop management software. Our TRACS system greatly impacts our business and I cannot imagine being without it. When we lose the use of our TRACS, we are severely handicapped.”

Kit Johnson – Owner

J4 Automotive

J4 Automotive is a full service automotive shop in East Helena, Montana. As the NAPA ASE National Technician of the Year, Kit Johnson, knows the last thing he has time for is writing customer repair orders and searching through mountains of paperwork to find vehicle history. That’s why he put J4 on the NAPA TRACS system over 12 years ago. As advances in technology have been made, J4 has been able to go virtually paperless, keeping customer records and vehicle histories on the computer and off of paper.  J4 has saved time and money by going paperless.

Advantages of going paperless for their shop include

  • – Being able to quickly pull up a customer’s service history with the click of a button
  • – the ability to create and highlight notes on vehicle reports for technicians to see on a customer’s future visit
  • – Saves money on printer paper
  • – Easily create email reminders and reports, without having to type everyone’s information into the system
  • – Don’t have to constantly update a paper customer file, NAPA TRACS does this automatically

Helpful, courteous and quick customer Support

“I very seldom need Support but when I do, our TRACS representative is very helpful. If he can’t answer the question, which is uncommon, he will get us in touch with someone who can. on the occasions where we will need to call Support with a software or installation question, they are always courteous, quick and helpful.“