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God Fearing Brothers Auto Care

Nick Lasko – Owner

In a small community like ours, direct mail is the only advertising that pays back. We see more results dollar for dollar with direct mail than with any other marketing. And TRACS makes it so efficient because it keeps track of the customer’s vehicle, the mileage it’s at, and what services are coming up for it.

God Fearing Brothers is a family owned and operated full-service auto repair and refinishing shop. Ten years after opening, the owners recruited their son-in-law, Nick Lasko to bring their shop into the future. Nick chose to do this with a new location, and an upgrade to their shop’s management system, NAPA TRACS Marketing CRM. Combined with MechanicNet, God Fearing Brothers uses the two systems to send reminders to their customers. “Reaching out to them a second time for a follow-up service or just to say thank you so they keep you in mind — that’s huge,” says Nick. Although God Fearing Brothers uses most of NAPA TRACS’ solutions, the reminders are the easiest to use with the most visible results. “You just set it and forget it,” says Nick, of the direct mail reminders God Fearing Brothers sends to their current and existing customers.

Advantages of NAPA TRACS Marketing CRM’s reminders include:

  • – ability to send emails, flyers, postcards, and more
  • – ability to have upcoming services “pop-up” when a customer’s record is pulled up
  • – reminders for upcoming services can be added to the bottom of bills and service orders
  • – Direct mail to remind customers of scheduled services (oil change, tire rotation, etc.) can be automatically sent out
  • – service reminders are a way to constantly stay in touch with customers and let them know you’re thinking of them
  • – customers can go online and print their vehicle history for their own record keeping

MechanicNet and TRACS’ Marketing CRM combined with other NAPA TRACS solutions results in a more efficient shop. As Nick Lasko puts it, “We’ve come to depend on TRACS for everything. I can’t do business without TRACS