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Northwoods Auto Tech

I’ll run a report of how many parts I do not have in stock that I’ve sold, then I can rotate my inventory out and pull the slow-moving numbers out and update with fast-moving numbers. Now I can keep my inventory a lot more current instead of relying on my parts guy to stock what he thinks I should stock.

Northwoods Auto Tech is an expert auto repair and service maintenance shop serving the people of Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Paul Marquart, the owner of Northwoods, started using NAPA TRACS to make his shop more efficient. Northwoods uses most of NAPA TRACS’ solutions but one in particular stood out. “The inventory management is phenomenal in here,” Paul proudly notes. “Now I can keep my inventory a lot more current, I’m stocking my purchase history.” Northwoods, like many NAPA TRACS shops, finds that the ability to price and stock their own inventory saves them time and money.

Advantages of the Inventory Management feature include:

  • – ability to stock inventory As needed
  • – ability to price inventory and services to maximize profits
  • – able to see what stock is fast moving or slow moving
  • – stock inventory based on purchase history
  • – Replace slow moving inventory with fast moving inventory
  • – Don’t be held at the whim of a third party stock guy, you stock based on your needs.